Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ah, late night mac-labbing....

So here are my final pieces for class. Some of them could use more work, but eh.... what the hell. I'm really proud of my band poster though. :D I was listening to this band called "The Like" when I was sketching out ideas, so I just used them for the information on the poster. So, yes, it is a real band and yes, you should check them out.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Aaaaand I'm spent.

So here is the finished project.
It sucks, but at least I can't possibly get a zero.

ooooh computer graphics...

Still working on the advertising assignment. My next one is marketing haunted golf clubs to an independent rock band... REALLY independent...

I ended up find a picture of Lordi, a death metal band. I figured they would need golf clubs the most, you know? Death. destruction, black eyes, concussions... who wouldn't want to beat the ever living shit out of some one with a golf club? I know I do...

Anywho, the golf clubs aren't in the picture yet, but I figured I might as well post and original and keep working.

Friday, October 10, 2008

One of the wonders of the internet.

Some one showed me a video on YouTube one day, and I think it might just be my new favorite video. Basically, its 2 rabbits that are in a Russian prison. Crazy things happen and there are these creepy door men in it. Like, I'm not joking. Men. Who are doors. WHAT THE HELL?! Well, I guess this is all due to the creative and really weird minds of the Japanese! Anyways, there are like 5 or 6 episodes on this one video (don't flip out...they're only like a minute long) so if you want to see more of them, the cartoon is call Usavich.

I think I'm paranoid...

... mainly because we've been talking about break-ins for a significant portion of the class. Anywho, this week our assignment is product re-assignment. Basically, we take incredibly weird objects (thanks Shane) and create a marketing ploy for strange people (another thank you to Shane). So this project is making my brain want to explode. But, nevertheless, I will try to do my best.

So far, I have made about 2 of the 6 assignments.
My first product was a bowl of soup. I chose to market this product to Sasquatch, hence, "Villager Soup".

My second version is still a work in progress. The item was a mummified spider monkey. I chose to market this towards Batman. "Why?" you ask? BECAUSE HE NEEDS A NEW SIDE KICK!!!!