Friday, September 26, 2008

I am about to pull my hair out...

So I finished my final variation of this project. The only bad thing is, when I came to the computer and went to my files.... THEY WERE GONE!!!!!!!! So I am very stressed out right now. Then, I saw that all of my layers were combined into one, so I couldn't play with the color variation. I apologize on behalf of the extreme crap you're about to see.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Can I get a "HELL YES!"?

So this doesn't deal with Computer Graphics at all, but I thought it was blog-worthy.

It's the squealers you have to look out for...

I thought I would try and be witty and open my post with a quote from the good ole Joker. But I epically failed at it.

Anywho... This project was pretty rad. The assignment was to take a photo and recreate ourselves using car parts and various objects from automobiles. Well, seeing how I am a HUGE hippie, I decided to use 1969 VW parts.
It turned out better than I thought it would. Originally, I had gotten rid of the window on my cheek and kept it white. Other people told me I should keep it, so there it sits.

Of course, there is always a certain catch to these projects. Today, it was assigned to create yet another "car-icature". I was sitting around trying to rack my brain for an idea. Shitty as my brain may be, it came up with a brilliant idea.

Yes, ladies and germs, I am the Joker. Only out of car parts. And a female. OK OK! So there are a lot of flaws!!! But I just thought it was a fun idea and it gave me more time to mess around with all of the tools in Photoshop. I wanted to make light reflecting off of my eyes, but every time I tried, it looked REALLY fake. Like Carmen Electra's boobs fake. So I just left the eyes black pits.... of despair.

Third one coming soon.... maybe I'll come up with an even better idea! :D Positive thinking, people!

Friday, September 12, 2008

No black holes here!

I recently had a successful 20th birthday, although there was the threat for a moment that scientists might create a black hole from splitting particles. I mean, how much more tragedy could there be on my birthday?

Well... the universe is still in existence, so AWESOME!

So for our second project, we were required to Photoshop ourselves into another environment. Now, I'm still learning the ways of Photoshop, so bear with me. I took a picture of me dancing (photo by my good friend Dominic Van Horn) and simply placed myself into a... rave?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Not art related in the least...

But I thought you all should know...
I'M TURNING 20 IN 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!

There will be much celebration and cake...
Oh yes...
There will be cake....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ah yes...the infamous first post.

Just testing this out... first time blogger, long time writer.
I am planning to post much of my art on if only I could get my damn scanner to work.

More to come!